Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Police State

An article in the Huffington Post tells about a massive SWAT team raid on an organic farm in Texas that was guilty of having junk in the yard and letting weeds grow. It talks about other cases of SWAT teams being used like this. To serve non payment warrants. To check barber shops for permits.

Huffington Post
I think I've mentioned the explosion of SWAT teams throughout the country. Small town departments have them now. I know I've written about the arming of local police by the federal government with military hardware, armor piercing bullets, tanks, APCs, and now there's the coming of drones.

And domestic spying.

And what's it all for? Are the police in danger from organic farmers and barbers? Are we really in danger from terrorists? Besides 9-11, which never has added up right, there haven't been any terrorist attacks except the ones the FBI put people up to. 

Or are we the enemy?

I was looking at some data about the number of jobs different presidents have created. Job creation reached a high during the Clinton administration, more than 11 million in each term. Then it quickly dropped to almost nothing -- 1.1 million for GW Bush's eight years, and during Barak Obama's tenure, from January, 2008 until today, 1.2 million jobs have been added.

Whether it's economic decline or climate change that causes the societal disruption, they don't trust us to handle either one. They're going to handle it for us. They're practicing now.

Who is they? Not the police. Not the chumps in cubicles at the NSA. They have no idea. Who was the president playing golf with at that private club on Martha's Vineyard today? Where he got his latest instructions.


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