Thursday, September 19, 2013


Before I go to work I check the weather forecasts along my nightly route. After I throw a few pallets on the truck I'll leave from Albuquerque, stop in Gallup, continue to Holbrook and stop in Gallup again on the way back to Albuquerque.

Gallup is usually where the worst weather is and the lowest temperature. That town is a magnet for inclement weather. It's higher in elevation, for one thing. Also, the mountains along the west side of the sate, and the high central plateau, seem to funnel the weather down that way from Colorado.

Only one night this summer was the predicted low in Gallup above 60. It hit 61 a few weeks ago. Today for the first time it's in the 40s.

I drop off a couple pallets in Gallup on the way to Holbrook, where I switch trailers with a driver who is coming from Phoenix. That trailer also has a couple pallets for Gallup on it. Another contractor delivers what's on all those Gallup pallets, to Gallup, Grants, the Four Corners and the Navajo Nation.


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