Sunday, October 6, 2013


At a big rally in Detroit Friday to protest the bankruptcy sale of millions worth of art owned by the city-owned Detroit Institute of Art, that was organized by the Socialist Equity Party, which has a presence in Detroit, the party's assistant national secretary Larry Porter said,

“There are 400 billionaires in America who have a combined net worth of over $2 trillion. This government is pouring $85 billion into the stock market every month. There is money. The issue is who controls the wealth. The Democrats and Republicans are united in an assault against the working class."

Which lends credence to my post below about how Democrats and Republicans use these debt crises debates as smokescreens to transfer wealth from the working class to the ruling class. They all agree the government is broke. They all agree programs that benefit us have to be cut. They all agree the rich shouldn't help pay for government. That the rich need lower taxes. That military spending and other welfare programs for the rich have to be funded.

There's more money in the country now than there ever has been. The media does sometimes report nowadays that the rich have done great during the recession, doubling their incomes and wealth, but never in the context of the theft of our wealth that occurs whenever you hear Democrats and Republicans whine about the government being broke.

New Mexico's pitiful Democrats in Washington have been posting pathetic little complaints on their Facebook pages politely and meekly accusing Republicans and the Tea Party for the charade being played out in the media, but they'll line up and vote for the deal their president is engineering with Republicans to slash government programs that benefit us, give tax breaks to the filthy rich and slash Medicare and Social Security. Then they'll call it something else and give themselves credit for saving us from the Republicans and Tea Party.

As we hand over this big stinking pile of crap to the next generation I can only hope they have more guts and intelligence than we do.


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