Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Fix Is In

Not being mentioned in news coverage of the partial shutdown is the fact that the budget deficit has been declining every year since 2009, as demonstrated in this graph from

Republicans aren't saying it. Democrats aren't. The president isn't.

Both Republicans and Democrats plan to let the shutdown be overtaken by a debt ceiling limit debate in which the political theater that's gone along with the annual debt ceiling debates for three years now will be easier to conduct.

While that political theater played out, both parties were agreeing to slash spending on programs that help the working class -- hence the declining deficit -- and to further enrich the already filthy rich both parties serve. And because of the political theater, both sides were able to announce afterward that they'd been true to their voters. Democrats and Republicans who needed to vote for or against a specific bill could, and did, but the final result was always the same. More wealth was transferred upward. The wealth created by our labor. And not one Democrat stood up to complain.

Not being mentioned in the current hyperventilating who wins politically and who loses news coverage is the fact that President Obama is once again offering to cut Social Security and Medicare, to cut taxes on the rich, and to cut government spending to the level dictated by Republicans, i.e. "$42 billion lower than the previous Democratic proposal."

Not being mentioned is that fact that while the other day the president had a who's who list of ruling class members over to the White house for tea, no one from the working class has been asked to stop by; no union members, no laid off government employees, no laid off employee of any kind who will miss the next house payment or not be able to buy shoes for their kids. 

Not being mentioned is the fact that Obama, as reported by the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, has already offered Republicans a deal that "replaced certain cuts implemented by the sequester with over a half trillion dollars in cuts to Medicare and Social Security."

The fix is in again, and again, we lose.


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