Saturday, October 19, 2013

Which Side Are You On?

"Amidst record corporate profits, a booming stock market and levels of social inequality greater than at any point since the Great Depression, workers are being told there are no resources to maintain wages and benefits."

That quote from an article about the public transportation workers strike in San Francisco this week sums it up pretty well.

With more wealth in this country than ever, Democrats, from President Obama on down, are telling you to suck it up. During the recent political theater in DC, no Democrat ever said the budget doesn't have to be cut. The argument was over how much, and the way to go about it.

In his remarks immediately following the shutdown, when the world thought he had stood up to the Republicans and won, Obama said this:

"The challenges we have right now are not short-term deficits; it’s the long-term obligations that we have around things like Medicare and Social Security.  We want to make sure those are there for future generations." 

That language, where these programs need "reform", is Republican language for cuts to these programs. It's how he's been going after them all along, implying that they are broke.

No New Mexico Democrat has stood up to say that Social Security and Medicare are off limits, even as they read news accounts of record profits and the massive inequality of wealth and income in the US. Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Ben Lujan, Michelle Grisham, all sit mute, quietly begging for donations so they can keep their positions of privilege and status, while seniors wonder whether the Unites States, the richest country in history, is about to return to the days when almost half of its senior citizens retired into poverty.

The US is not just the richest country in history, it's richer right now than it ever was. And yet living standards and wages for working people are in decline, and seniors face spending their last years wondering what will happen to them.

If this doesn't disgust you, you know which side you're on.


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