Sunday, November 24, 2013

Europe's Tea Parties

"Throughout Europe, social democratic parties—in government and in opposition—have worked to ensure that the working class pay for the crisis of the profit system through mass unemployment, wage cuts and the decimation of social services. As a result, the social democrats have become as unpopular as the EU itself."

This is from an article about the rise of extreme right neo-Nazi parties in Europe, which are capitalizing on the unpopularity of the European Union (EU) and "austerity" budgets and are expected in upcoming elections to increase their representation in several European country's parliaments where they already have significant representation.
Marie Le Pen of France's National Front

In both Europe and America the neo-Nazi far right is hyper nationalistic. But in Europe, the far right neo-Nazi parties are becoming economic populists and are deemphasizing what have been their staple issues, anti immigration and anti Islam, which are still staple Tea Party issues as anyone who has seen pictures of Tea Party rallies knows.

The Tea Party also is still hell bent on austerity budgets, as are the two major US parties, Republicans and Democrats. You don't hear Democrats calling for increases in food stamp benefits, increases in Social Security and Medicare, increases in nutrition programs for children, increases in veteran's benefits. You don't hear Democrats crying for any of that or for it to be paid for by restoring the taxes on the rich that have been removed over the past 30 years with bi-partisam support. The only difference between Democrats and Republicans on these issues is how much to cut social services.

Here, as in Europe, working people are continuing to pay for the financial crises of 2008, and as in Europe the major political parties act as the enforcers for this crime. In both cases the rich, as the stock market soars to new records, enjoy record profits and have their taxes lowered even more. The only difference between Europe and America is that in Europe the neo-Nazi parties are siding with the people. Here the far right neo-Nazi Tea Party sides with its oppressors.


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