Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Our first term Democratic senator Martin Heinrich joins Oregon's Ron Wyden and our other senator, Tom Udall, who have been leading the fight against the NSA's domestic spying in the Senate Intelligence Committee, in a New York Times Op-ed that demands limits to and actual oversight of NSA domestic spying and explicitly condemns the fake reform that's been pushed through the committee by chairwoman Diane Feinstein.

Feinstein's bill, which would legalize the current level of domestic spying, was opposed by Democrats Heinrich, Udall and Wyden but passed in the Intelligence Committee with Republican support.

I often criticize New Mexico's federal Democratic legislators for ducking controversial issues especially those that adversely effect the working class, but putting your name on a New York Times op-ed that criticizes your party's leadership is pretty high profile. The data being collected on us by our spy agencies is already being used to go after those on the Left who dissent on behalf of the working class, that is, on behalf of people who work for a living, and who create the wealth being hoarded by the 1 percent at 1920s levels. Our domestic security apparatus is a threat to our future prosperity and our democracy and has the potential to turn the US into a police state.

Heinrich's emergence comes after one of his most influential supporters came out recently against NSA domestic spying.


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