Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Mexico Cops Are Animals

I haven't seen this in any local news. It showed up today on my Google News page via a TV station in Los Angeles.

On Oct 28, police near Taos stopped a van with a woman and her five kids inside. The woman appears to be afraid of the police. She doesn't comply with their demands, and after some back and forth she gets back in the van and drives off. When she stops again, a cop shatters the van's windows with his billy club, while the kids are in it. When she takes off again, a cop, unbelievably, shoots at the van as it pulls away. With five kids inside.

In case the video disappears I took a couple screen shots. One is of a cop beating out the window. In the video, glass can be seen flying everywhere. In the second screen shot, the cop on the left is firing at the van. Play the video. It's all there, the shattering glass, the children's screams, the repeated gun shots. And the van pulling away slowly. There's no swerving, no screeching tires.

The newscaster says something about drug paraphernalia being found in the van. It's very possible that the woman was on drugs. That would help explain her behavior. That and her being a black woman, from the South, stopped by white cops in a small, rural, place. It's also very possible that the police, realizing how this was going to look, planted something in the van later. It happens all the time. If you haven't heard about it happening, you're uninformed.

However, drugs or no drugs, obeying the police or not, there's no question about the police misconduct, and stupidity, and about their utter recklessness.

I hear people here cheering the police on when they behave like this. Not all, but enough. Plenty. A vein of savagery a mile wide, like that displayed by these cops, runs through the culture here. It has its roots in fear, and the peculiar way Capitalism has played out here, but that's another story. And of course none of our gutless politicians ever takes on the police. I know of only one who has. One. And in that, his gutless suck up of a successor, a member of his own party, too, a pathetic little self interested excuse for a man who has been quickly forgotten, found a way to beat him.

At no point was any of these officers in any danger, none whatsoever. The health, the eyesight, and ultimately the lives of this woman and her five children were placed in serious danger because these cops were consumed by uncontrollable anger, and by their sense of their own power. They are obviously ill trained, but also, cops in many places, and particularly here, have been led to believe that they can do whatever they damn please, with no consequence except to their powerless victims. There's no internal mechanism to check their anger and no outside force to check their anger, no social stigma, no official disapproval. Nothing. Not good training, not a conscience, not intelligence, not wisdom, certainly not maturity, not any semblance of respect for human life. The cops here need to be muzzled. Like animals.


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  1. i agree these idiots should be fired imeadiatly