Friday, November 22, 2013

Twit Awareness Month

I came home from work this morning, got up a few minutes ago, turned on my computer and saw this picture our twit congresswoman has posted of herself on Facebook - to promote Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

If you're a Democrat sent to congress in New Mexico, do you use the public platform you've been given to raise issues like income and wealth disparities that are back at 1920s levels? Flat wages? Declining living standards? The billions spent  on corporate welfare while programs that save working people, the poor, the elderly from financial ruin, programs that help our children, are slashed? Democratic issues?

Or do you dress up like a clown, only take up issues that won't offend anybody, and use the precious platform you've been handed to make sure you don't lose your position of privilege and prestige?

It's not just her. It's Senator Martin Heinrich and Congressman Ben Lujan, too.

Pancreatic cancer is a serious issue. For all I know I well might die from pancreatic cancer. I smoke two or three packs a day and drink coffee by the gallon. I drink Albuquerque tap water and it has plutonium in it. But how many people does pancreatic cancer affect? If you're in the US congress, is this what you do with the precious few minutes you have when you have tens of thousands of peoples' attention? What about the hundreds of millions of people in this country who haven't had a raise in years, even as the stock market tops 16,000 and has gone up more than 20 percent in this year alone and as the filthy rich wallow in the nation's prosperity that is going to them, alone?

With our congress people, it's all about them. It's about them getting re-elected and keeping their fancy offices with their names on the door. For all our so-called Democrats in Washington care, the people they represent can go to hell.

Note: Tom Udall, our other senator and other Democratic  congress member from NM, doesn't often have my approval but I left him off this list because he's actually been doing some things of substance. He's been one of two key players in the move to reform the filibuster, that the senate majority leader finally went along with, and he has come out pretty strongly against NSA domestic spying.

It's telling that he and Martin Heinrich co-wrote a letter to the president a few weeks back asking that he get control of NSA domestic spying. Udall trumpeted the letter on his web site and Facebook page, but Heinrich never mentioned it, as if he didn't want people to know about it.

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