Saturday, December 21, 2013

Albuquerque Cops Just Keep Blowing People Away

APD cops kill almost as many people as New York City cops. New York is 14 times larger.

This nine-minute video by the Dr Martin Luther King Jr Memorial Center in Albuquerque includes interviews with the parents and siblings of some of the people gunned down by Albuquerque cops. The people being interviewed aren't low life crack heads or serial criminals, they are people like you and me. They talk about their loved ones, their loss, and they all wonder why Albuquerque police don't try other ways to diffuse a situation before resorting to the gun. The King Center offers a level headed approach to finding a solution to the epidemic of killing.

Besides the King Center, a couple other local groups keep track of the killings. The Albuquerque Police Complaints site includes a list of the cops who have blown away people since 2009 and has begun to keep track of these officers. If you click on a cop's name it may list complaints filed against that officer. In some cases a cop has a long history of being reported for bad conduct.

As the video says, no one at APD has lost their job over blowing away an unarmed civillian.

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