Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Budget Deal - Concessions Disguised As Compromise

The more the press has the chance to look into the details of the Murray-Ryan budget deal the worse if gets. It cuts federal workers pensions. It cuts Medicare. It throws thousands of kids out of Head Start. It immediately ends unemployment benefits for more than a million people with many millions more to follow as the deal fully kicks in.

Consider this statement:

"The Murray-Ryan budget deal will actually have less discretionary spending in 2014 than Paul Ryan's original budget proposal from less than four years ago when Republicans won control of the House--a proposal reviled by Democrats as the work of a budget-cutting maniac."

Because Democrats believe just as much in Reaganomics as Republicans, the so-called "out of control" federal deficit has been steadily declining, but this cuts it even faster, and again, it's entirely on the backs of working people, because this deal costs the rich absolutely nothing. No taxes, no closed loopholes. In fact they come out ahead because $20 billion of what's being taken out of our flesh is transfered to the bloated military budget, i.e., to the accounts of military contractors.

Think about it. Why would Paul Ryan agree to this? Why would House Republicans vote for it in droves?

Once again Democrats prove that when they aren't feeling any political heat, they march in lockstep with Republicans on economic issues. When they get the chance they side with the corporations. With the rich. With Neoliberalism, with Reaganomics, with Austerity. With the transfer of wealth upward.

If one only follows the daily political tit for tat, the score keeping, it's not hard to ignore what just happened with this budget deal. But if one looks at the long term, at the results, if one compares what Democrats say with the actual statistics, that show declining living standards, a disappearing "Middle Class," inequality of wealth and income that have returned to 1920s Gilded Age levels, it's mind boggling what the Democratic Part in the United States has become, and what they have gotten away with.

Details about the budget deal:

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