Friday, December 27, 2013

Mr Heinrich Goes To Washington - Marty Stays In New Mexico

More than ever, the report needs to be declassified so those with a political agenda can no longer manipulate public opinion, Sen. Martin Heinrich said. 

I was astounded to see this quote by NM Democratic Senator Martin Heinrich prominently displayed across the top of an article in Mint Press about a Dec. 18 Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on the nomination of Caroline Krass as CIA general counsel.

At last week's Intelligence Committee hearing - Daily Kos
What's this? Do these people know a Martin Heinrich we don't here in New Mexico?

Heinrich was referring to a 6,000-page intelligence committee report on the CIA's use of torture, not a single word of which "has been deemed fit for the public and declassified," according to Mint Press, a Liberal web news site with a pretty big, growing readership, and here Marty is, right below the headline, almost in the headline.

More comprehensive coverage of the hearing at Daily Kos has even more of Heinrich. It has even more quotes and it has him lashing out at the CIA for claiming that the report contains factual errors, and it has him threatening to withhold his vote for Krass' appointment.

Recently Heinrich also bucked the administration and the Washington political establishment when he co-authored a NY Times Op-Ed with Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR), a progressive liberal in all senses who has been at the forefront in fighting to keep the internet free and open, and Mark Udall (D-CO) that called for ending massive NSA spying on Americans.

Nothing I've ever seen that Heinrich puts out for domestic New Mexico consumption -- his happy newsletters, his happy Facebook posts -- ever even mentions these things. There's no lashing out. No anger at the plight of New Mexicans, who have been slow to come out of the Great Recession. All he and other members of New Mexico's democratic congressional delegation give us is happy photo ops of themselves standing at flooded or burned out businesses or the openings of businesses that are new and not flooded or burned out. They occasionally assure us that they're doing everything they can to fight for New Mexico's middle class families, which are absolutely meaningless words that commit them to absolutely nothing. If a press release mentions a bill they support, it has to have the word "bipartisan" in the first sentence and a few more times.

This is about them being re-elected, not about helping New Mexico.

They don't confront. They don't challenge. They want you to believe that bipartisanship -- which means giving up half of what the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for before they even sit down at the table -- will result in a happy, happy New Mexico.

Compromising with Reaganomics, with the Neoliberal, tea bagger Republican agenda of austerity for us and more piles of wealth for the rich, won't reverse it, which is what we need. To compromise with it means staying on the course the US is on to becoming a third world nation in living standards, wages, income inequality, infant mortality, education, and a variety of other measures.

It's encouraging to see Senator Heinrich stand up for what's right in Washington, but he's doing it only in committee hearings he knows won't get reported on in New Mexico, and in Op-Ed pieces he knows only a certain segment of his supporters will be aware of. He's not doing it here, not trying to influence and mold public opinion in the part of the US landscape he's responsible for. Here in NM he's just a happy gladhander, which means things will get only worse for you and me, and America.


  1. Pete Domenici was a lot of things -- some good, some bad -- but he was a fighter thru and thru. We need more Pete, less Bill Clinton.

  2. I agree. I've been out here about 13 years but I knew who Pete Domenici was long before I ever set foot in New Mexico from seeing him on the evening news and weekend talk shows when he could have been relaxing at some babe's house or sitting on a yacht in the Potomac or on a flight back to New Mexico. He worked hard to sell his party's policies to the American people.

  3. Pete was a toady for the oil and gas industry. He cared little for the poor. We don't need anyone like him. I think you are unfair to Martin. His comments on the CIA etc are refreshing and courageous. It is far from right wing.

  4. I don't condone Pete Domenici's politics but how he worked to convince other Americans that they were right, but I see now from my comment it could have been interpreted that way.

  5. Pete kept the federal funds coming in. That was good and bad given that we now seem to be dependent on those funds and the lack thereof has hurt the state's economic standing nationwide. However, maybe Pete could have weened us off federal funds by maintaining the federal income. Our current delegation has not done its job getting those federal funds and we are all suffering because of it.

    I do recall attending a meeting where there was an overflow of people and Heinrich closed the door on many voters. He made a mistake there.