Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Mexico Politics: A Fool's Game

Michele Grisham, New Mexico's First District congresswoman, in between fundraising soirées obviously, stopped to get her picture taken today pretending to be helping poor people by pretending to help sort food at a food bank.

Where does one even begin?

How about with we the people, who put up with this kind of thing and still vote for people like her? Us. Grisham knows how to get people to vote for her, or knows people who do. She was the top vote getter in Bernalillo County, which includes Albuquerque, in the 2012 general election. And Grisham's Facebok page, where this picture was posted, is always full of adoring comments. Like these today:

  John J. Cordova Of course, you are an example for all of us and in the right job now. Love you. Love the Lujans.
  Sara Attleson Thank you Congresswoman Lujan Grisham for your work on behalf of New Mexico's working families.
  Carol Ann Espitia You rock Michelle!

Although there were as many, this time, who saw through the congresswoman's hypocricy:

  Speedy Baca If you were there to actually stack boxes of food you would be dressed accordingly not in heels! Thanks for the photo op.
  Thomas Tolbert MLG has done NOTHING but be an Obama puppet.
  Dennis Schlessinger Ironic that after a 50 year war on poverty, poverty seems to be the victor. A fine example of the "Great Society".
  Cliff Lopez Great do nothing 

But there were replies to those:

  Evelyn Alejandro To those who just have to stand on their soap boxes...just keep it to yourself!

Grisham never raises economic issues. Never. Never utters a word to counter the relentless barrage of free market trickle down propaganda the nation has been bombarded with for the past 30 years, that has led us to this end, where wages and living standards are in decline. Never stands up against her party's leadership as they cut deal after deal with Republicans to cut food stamps, cut Social Security, cut Medicare, cut unemployment benefits, and lower taxes one more time for the already filthy rich. Grisham never visits a union hall. Never visits a place where people work. Never visits a senior center. Never comes into contact with poor people, never touches them, would not recognize one if she ran one over with her SUV.

Grisham is just like every other member of New Mexico's Democratic delegation to Washington. None of them, Grisham, Ben Lujan, Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, ever raise economic issues, will never say what causes there to be the need for food banks. Will never say that there are more people needing food banks now than ever. Will never point out that wages are in decline while stock market profits soar and the rich now rake in 90 percent of all the wealth our labor creates.

Here in New Mexico, we run neck and neck with a couple of Southern states for who is the worse off. Who has the most poor people, the most kids going to bed hungry every night, the most babies who die from lack of decent nutrition and medical care.

Getting back to the photo op at the food bank, and we the people.

Grisham, Lujan, Udall, Heinrich, all are the same. None will talk about the stark realities of life for New Mexico's working people and its poor, because it might cost them votes, and all will do anything to preserve their status and positions of importance, and the people who vote them in be dammed.

But they are that way because this is how politics is done here. It's we who cheer, vote them in again, and tell them how goddamn wonderful they are.



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  1. So true. I also enjoyed her photo op in the south valley at a Matanza. She cares about the south valley at election time and then forgets lower income people and the mentally ill are often targets for some dark hearted cops with a desire to hurt people. But, hey, let's keep voting and keeping them in office because they look good in photos around their props. For those who think I am anti-Democrat, I say the same thing about RJ Berry and his goons at city hall.