Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Police State Frontier

An unnamed 52 year old woman was stopped at the El Paso border crossing for a random search, taken to a hospital, given multiple body cavity searches and watched while she defecated multiple times. Nothing was found on her and she was charged $5,000 by the hospital.

This is the 2nd case like this we've had recently. The other was the Deming police. In both cases the victim was treated as less than human, as having no right to their person, their personal privacy, their bodily integrity, their human dignity.

But in treating other people like that the cops are just being human. Given the leeway and encouragement given to them, they will exercise as much power over other humans as they can. When the bounds of civilization are removed, when the social restraints on our behavior aren't there to give us pause, we will resort to our natural animal state.

We've got state cops shooting at vans full of kids, Albuquerque cops killing anything that moves. In a police state, being alive can be fatal.

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