Monday, December 23, 2013

Yet Another

Another stupid police shooting has occurred since I wrote the post below. Some kids tried to steal some beer and as the police chased them through the crowded, busy West Side -- an unnecessary and very dangerous practice in itself which many police departments don't do by policy -- a cop standing beside the street shot at the kids, none of whom was armed, as they drove past him.

The cop didn't hit the driver, or hit a tire, and cause the car to careen across the centerline and run headlong into a family coming home from the mall. No innocent bystanders were killed, that they know of. No little kids had their heads blown off, that they know of. No babies were blown to smithereens while their mothers pushed them in their strollers, that they know of.

If you steal a six pack of beer in this town, the police will kill you.

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