Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Mean You Can't Just Kill Them?

“You don’t use deadly force against someone who is not threatening you with deadly force.”
 That statement by Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico, in today's Albuquerque Journal, shocked many in the Albuquerque police department, who had no idea that this was the case.

It also shocked the many thousands of New Mexico and Albuquerque residents who are signing up at a Facebook page supporting a state cop who was fired for emptying his revolver on van full of children, and who are used to Albuquerque police killing anyone they feel like killing and fully support the idea.

It was also a shock to the Albuquerque Journal editorial staff and reporters who cover the police, who as fas as I know have never bothered to look into the use of deadly force and find out when it's supposed to be used and when it's not.

Nor have they ever learned how police coach each other on what to say after they kill someone. Nor are they aware of how internal investigators ask the cop who did the killing leading questions as part of the thin blue line's systematic coverup up of police killings of innocent, unarmed people.

 Police cover-ups happen all the time, in all kinds of police cases, especially drug cases, and murder cases. Thousands of innocent people are in prison and hundreds have been released when college classes went back and re-examined cases using DNA evidence, and were able to show that suspects were often railroaded into making confessions, or had public defenders who put no time or effort into their defense.

The first series I ever wrote as a reporter was on the use of deadly force. As a new reporter, they stuck me on the police beat, and one of the first things to occur to me was to look into the use of deadly force. It just seems like a natural thing for a reporter, or editor, to wonder about. Where has the Journal been while our police department was getting its national reputation and coming under Justice Department investigation for killing unarmed, innocent people?

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