Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Republicans and Tea Baggers

"Republicans hailed the deal for slashing discretionary spending for the fourth year in row." (AFP)

Republicans and tea baggers. That what we have in Washington now. There are three Democrats left, none from New Mexico. Those three voted against the Republican designed budget that passed today.

Much of the media is saying it increases spending, tea baggers are saying it increases spending, but it doesn't. They are comparing it to the funding level under the so called "sequester," which gutted social programs. This budget is smaller than the last George W Bush budget six years ago.

"Discretionary spending six years ago for the title covering the Departments of Education, Labor and Health and Human Services totaled $144.8 billion — or roughly $162 billion in current dollars. The comparable section of the omnibus now provides $156.8 — leaving Obama with $5 billion less in discretionary funds. In the case of the chapter funding transportation and housing programs — two areas for which he has talked of infrastructure investments — the same type of comparisons show a drop of about $4 billion." (Politico)

The economy will continue going nowhere, unemployment will remain high, wages and living standards will continue to decline, which is just what Republicans and tea baggers want. Democrats would have held onto the tremendous political advantage they had after the government shutdown and forced the Republicans to accept their terms, but in this budget it's the other way around. That's because there are no Democrats any more.

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