Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why The Democratic Party Does Everything It Can To Suppress Economic Populism

On a somewhat depressing Ring of Fire Radio program (hosts Mike Papantonio, Sam Seder and Bobby Kennedy Jr.) this week with guest Thomas Franks (What's The Matter With Kansas) it was said there are a couple reasons Democrats aren't for working people any more.

First, DLC*-type politicians (the Clintons, Obama) control the party, or rather, their money men do (Wall Street bankers, Hedge Fund Managers, etc.) and they are dedicated Neoliberals (i.e., believe in a Reagomics economic policy of low taxes for the rich, reduced social spending, shipping manufacturing jobs to Mexico and China) and so are ideologically opposed to populism.

Second, because Democrats now believe they have a strong demographic wind at their back (they think they'll be able to count on the votes of Millennials, the growing Hispanic population, women, etc. for the foreseeable future) they see no reason whatsoever to change their present course.

It was even suggested that Republicans might even become economic populists before Democrats do.

In other words, The Democratic Party, by throwing its constituency the occasional leftist tasting bone on a social issue -- same sex marriage, gays in the military -- just reminds them that they have no place else to go. If you're out of work, being thrown out of your house, if your wages and working conditions suck, if your standard of living is headed downward, take a flying leap. Too bad for you. If only the children of the privileged can go to college and expect anything more than a dreary life, so what?

And all of our New Mexico Democratic delegation  to Washington are on board with this. Nothing they say or do, which is very little, proves otherwise. The rare lip service they give to economic issues, their hollow, content devoid promises to "fight for working new Mexicans" and for the Middle Class and blah, blah, blah, only prove their complicity.

*Democratic Leadership Council. Formed in 1985 by Bill Clinton, Al Gore and others who thought the Democrat Party was too far to the Left. The DLC was eventually shut down but its Center-Right (on economic matters) ideology is carried on by Democratic think tanks like Third Way.

Ring of Fire Radio airs in Albuquerque on AM1350 on Saturday from 1-4 p.m. (re-run Sunday at 4 a.m.) and on many other stations. Today's program will be on their web site and Youtube channel next week, or it can be downloaded now to your smart phone via Stitcher. I just started using Stitcher. You can set it up to automatically download radio programs when they become available, and then listen to them at your leisure. Mine is set up to only do this while my phone is connected to my home wireless signal so it doesn't use up my 3G.

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