Sunday, February 9, 2014

Reaganomics Reaches Its Logical Conclusion - And New Mexico Democrats Helped It Get There

"Is this as good as it gets? It increasingly looks that way," reads today's article from the Associated Press.

It talks about successive weak job reports, a slowing global economy (slowing again, as the Federal Reserve's pumping of money into the system called "quantitative easing" runs out of steam), slumping manufacturing, and "dispiriting" long term trends.

Job seekers in Dallas, January 22, 2014 - AP Photo/LM Otero
As wages continue to decline while stock markets and profits have set record after record, the transfer of wealth upward continues, with the open and brazen complicity of Democrats, especially New Mexico Democrats, who just joined Republicans to pass a budget that cuts federal spending more than the notorious "Ryan Budget" of two years ago. Who just voted -- every New Mexico Democrat did -- to cut food stamps. Who, all of them, let long term unemployment benefits expire for 1.4 million (and counting) Americans without uttering a single word of protest, and now engage in political charade pretending they're trying to re-instate them. Who have partcipated in throwing poor kids off Head Start, in cutting Medicare, and who are working now to cut Social Security.

New Mexico Democrats are making working people pay for bailouts and crises caused by the greedy, reckless rich, and pay the entire burden of a government emaciated by letting the rich get off without paying taxes. New Mexico Democrats take from working people to enable the disgusting level of wealth being enjoyed by the 1 percent.

The ruling elite agree on everything of substance. They posture, while MSNBC and Fox News work day and night to keep us divided, and meanwhile the goal of Reaganomics -- some call it Neoliberalsim, some call it Thatcherism, some call it by its new name in EU countries, Austerity -- has finally come to fruition. And Slick Willy Clinton, and Hope and Change Obama, and New Mexico's Democrats, have never done nor said a thing to prevent it, and in fact helped usher it in.

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