Monday, March 10, 2014

The Radiation Leak In Carlsbad

Nationally known nuclear engineer Arne Gundersun has posted a twelve minute video in which he explains what's known about the February 14 nuclear accident and radiation leak from the Waste Isolation Pilot Project, or WIPP, warning that the danger is worse than we're been told, and noting that most of what the government has said about the accident to date has later proven to be untrue.

Gunderson, a former nuclear plant manager and nuclear industry executive, founded an organization called Fairewinds, a nuclear industry information site. Gunderson is the "go to" guy when the anti nuclear community wants information, and has been the most reliable source of information about Fukishima.

 WIPP, a nuclear waste storage facility a half mile underground in an old salt mine, is the nuclear radiation industry's hoped for replacement for Yucca Mountain, the site in Nevada which, before it became publicly known that it was on a fault line, was the long hoped for solution for storing the nation's nuclear waste.

Radiation began leaking from WIPP on February 14 when, according to the government, a "chunk of salt" fell from the ceiling of the mine and onto a container of radioactive waste. Gunderson reports that "whistleblowers and employees" say that's not true, but that the ceiling collapsed in a section of the mine, which could mean there's a much worse problem than we're being told about.

Also, it's now being questioned by Gunderson, and others, whether the collapse may have been caused by oil and gas well fracking in the area. WIPP sits in the Permain Basin oil and gas field and is close to where oil and gas wells are being drilled.

It was just admitted in a report released last week that, as many have suspected, the hundreds of earthquakes that have occurred in Oklahoma over the past two years were caused by fracking, whereby a toxic mix of chemicals is pumped underground, at high pressure, to crack layers of rock and release oil and gas. The fractures -- "fracking" -- cause earthquakes themselves, and it's theorized that the fracking fluid migrates along fault lines and lubricates them and might cause larger earthquakes in the future.

The radiation coming from WIPP is escaping through the filters that are supposed to filter the air that's circulated through the mine and keep the underground radioactive waste from overheating and exploding.  The government says the filters remove 99.9 percent of the radiation. Gunderson doubts they remove that much, but says that even if they do, that means that, based on simple math, since the accident there has been an accumulated 30 minutes of unrestricted release of radiation into New Mexico's environment.

Independent activists have detected radiation a mile from WIPP, including one of the most deadly forms of radiation, plutonium, which has a half life of 250,000 years, or 25 times longer than the longest lasting civilizations in human history. Half life means that after 250,000 years the amount of tumors and cancers and birth defects being caused will be half as many.


The blog No To Waste Isolation Pilot Plant is also a source of information.

A web site based in Hawaii says it has an inside source at WIPP and that the radiation leak has been 1,000 times more severe than reported. It also says the leak was caused by an explosion. This nice color graphic of WIPP is from them.

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