Friday, May 16, 2014


Updated below

My brothers and sisters and I are all Chicago to be with Mom, Agnes Conway, who's having bypass surgery today at the University of Chicago Medical Center. We all spent the night together at a hotel near the hospital because Mom had a 5:30 a.m. check in time.

If I can figure out how to post pictures from my iPhone I have some of the family, who I haven't seen for a long time, and there's a nice view of the iconic Chicago downtown from the seventh floor waiting area here at U of C.


Mom went through Friday's surgery fine -- a double bypass with repair to an aneurysm -- and is recovering rapidly. She'll be out of the Intensive Care Unit tomorrow. This picture of Mom and all of us who made the trip was taken just before her surgery. An employee of the hospital took it with brother Bob's camera. Mom lives in New Buffalo, MI, which is across the bottom of Lake Michigan from Chicago, about 65 miles by road. New Buffalo is also where I grew up. All the other kids live there or within 40 miles. From left, Ryan, son of sister Jackie, who is next, me, Bill, Mom, Sandy and Bob.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cyber Attacks

The US has apparently been hit with massive denial of service attacks recently, according to an article republished in Revolution News. Denial of service attacks (referred to as DDoS  in the article) are when a group of people, or someone who has control over numerous computers or networks, floods a web site or server and causes it to crash or work very slowly because it can't handle the traffic.

I was interested by this map, where such attacks are tracked. If you move your cursor over the map, a window pops up explaining the different attacks. The article says the map hasn't been being updated regularly since the latest attacks started.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Ludlow Massacre

On this, May 1, the original Labor Day, MG Bralley has posted a nice photo essay about the Ludlow Massacre, the murder of more than 60 striking mine workers, their wives and children by national guardsmen and private security guards, that took place just across the NM state line in Trinidad, CO, on April 20, 1914.

The holiday celebrating workers was moved to September in the US but is still celebrated worldwide on May 1. Although many people may be unaware of the Ludlow Massacre it remains an important symbolic event in the Labor Movement.