Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Gaza - The Elders Speak

A Concise and coherent explanation for the Gaza Massacre and for Israel's earlier rampage in the West Bank was published today in The Guardian. It's been stated before. I wrote about it July 23. Now Jimmy Carter, former US president, and Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, explain what really happened to precipitate these two horrendous events.

Namely, the two main Palestinians factions, Hamas and Fatah (the PLO), had reconciled. Israel could not accept that - they need Palestinians to be divided - so they slaughtered almost 2,000 Gazans and went on the earlier rampage of murder, mass destruction and mass incarceration in the West Bank, which, by the way, was the reason Hamas began firing rockets into Israel. That, and the fact that Israel had been firing rockets into Gaza, which I also wrote about July 23.

Carter and Robinson also lay out the solution. The UN needs to investigate, the US and other powerful Western countries have to back the UN, the blockade of Gaza has to be lifted, and Hamas has to be recognized as a legitimate political force that expresses the legitimate political will of a large number of Palestinians.

Carter and Robinson also correct the endlessly repeated factual error that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Note: Carter and Robinson belong to a group of elder statesmen who call themselves The Elders.

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