Saturday, August 2, 2014

Including America

There have been massacres like this in Gaza in 2003, 2009, and 2012, and after each of these a ceasefire was declared and terms agreed to. In each case Israel violated the terms of the ceasefire by assassinating Palestinians with rockets fired into Gaza. Also in each case, the blockade of Gaza by Israel continued in violation of the terms. Food and medicine and building suppplies with which to rebuild the damage were kept out and produce and manufactured goods were not allowed to be exported. Israel controls Gaza's borders.

In each case, American media says nothing about Israeli rockets being fired into Gaza. It's likely most people you see on TV don't know, but the Israelis know, and the US government knows.

Both houses of the US congress, including all of New Mexico's delegation - Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Michelle Grisham, Ben Lujan and Steve Pearce - have voted in approval of the ongoing slaughter in Gaza, and to send Israel more weapons and ammunition, which Israel is now using to step up the rate of slaughter and to bomb hospitals in Gaza (four) UN shelters where displaced Palestinian families are hiding (five) and schools.

Are our congress members ignorant? Or are they just telling us that their fancy titles are more important to them than Palestinian lives?

Please take a look at the following chart, which records Israeli and Palestinian deaths per day since January 1, 2014 - Israelis are blue figures, Palestinians red - recalling that the ongoing genocide in Gaza that Israel and the media like to refer to as Operation Protective Edge only started on July 8, and then tell me who started it.


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