Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Quitting Comcast Photo Essay

Comcast's service just sucks too much. I've had it.

Comcast majority owner and CEO Brian Roberts (L) at Martha's Vineyard this summer
The media megalith that already owns almost everything on TV or at the movies and now wants to buy Time-Warner, Comcast, the anti-union, $78.9 billion and counting monstrocity, the "largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue" and "the largest cable company and home internet service provider in the United States," that owns Entertainment Television, the Golf Channel, NBC, Telemundo, Universal Pictures, Universal Parks and Resorts, has the seventh largest lobbying budget of any corporation or individual and employs multiple former US congress people as lobbyists and through ownership shares has its fingers in branches of media and communications way too numerous to mention here, has received it's last payment from moi.

A month or so ago my internet service just stopped working for most of the day. It would work at night, but after people got up and turned on their TVs and computers, I got the blinking lights.

The Box - taken through the blinds so the neighbor lady wouldn't think I was taking pictures through her window.

The internet never was all that good here. At times it would download at dial up speeds, and there was an outage every few months. Every "service technician" who came out here -- after I went through that whole song and dance by telephone -- would check my equipment and then leave for awhile and come back and say it should be OK. On questioning they would tell about finding multiple splices in "the box" or splices upon splices upon splices, or that someone had moved my hookup to the back of the row. They would tell me that they had "cleaned up" "the box" and that I should be OK for awhile.

When I'd ask if they meant there were too many apartments running off of one line, some would say yes while others would look around the apartment and start edging toward the door.

It occurs to me now that the old cable coming in here was probably put in when internet service didn't use up so many giga-bytes of data. That's no problem for Comcast, though, which responds to a situation like that by raising your bill.

Networks my laptop picks up - "HOME" are Comcast. There were no Century Links until recently

So I am now with Centurylink. Only internet, no TV. They supposedly can stream Disc TV though your internet cable, but I told them I'll see how this works, and how their service is.

Supposedly Century Link is fiber optic up to the last junction box, but I think what I might actually have is a dedicated phone line. It comes into my apartment on the old telephone land line, apparently, and connects to the router with a regular old phone line. I had dedicated phone line, or DSL, internet service once and it was probably the best internet I ever had. I didn't order the fastest internet Century Link has, as I recall. When I click on something, there's a little hesitation, then bam, the whole page loads all at once. That's better than Comcast was.

Comcast stuff ready to go back. The board is because apartment complex people knock once and then just walk in on you.

Now the challenge is to get my Comcast service discontinued, the hardest part. As many people have learned, they make it very, very difficult to stop being a paying customer. I've struck out twice already. There's no place on the web site to cancel, that I found, and the regular customer service people say they can't do it. They give you a number to call Monday after 8:00. I tried the chat line, too, and a guy there gave me the service center number, which had already said they couldn't do it and gave me the other number. I saw on discussion boards that you can cancel at a service center and I'll try that today. I also saw an email address where you can supposedly cancel and I sent them an email.

I might miss looking at this to see what time it is. I won't miss the cable system repair tools on top of the box.
I also, however, discontinued my auto pay. I will not pay them again. I'm done with paying corporations that don't deserve it, who did nothing for the money, who either through incompetence or neglect or outright fraud keep sending you a bill.

Ask Target. You can do anything you want, threaten anything you want to, hold anything over my head you want to, even prison. You can badger me and even hunt down my 87-year-old Mom in Michigan and badger her. I will not pay. Comcast has got the last penny from me they will ever get.

Now pardon me while I do a little victory dance around the living room.

Brian Roberts, Comcast majority owner and CEO: "No one just decides not to pay me. How am I going to get Conway?"

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