Monday, October 6, 2014


I was loading up the old iPod with podcasts and music for the coming week's driving and was casting about at for something new when it occurred to me to search for 1950s radio programs. There are many radio programs at that are music programs and I was thinking there'd be recordings of some of the popular radio stations of that era and I could see what it was like listening to the old Rock and Roll I love so much as it was played on the radio at the time. But I typed in "1950s radioprograms," mistakenly leaving out the space between "radio" and "programs."

This  returned numerous pages of programs anyway, a few of which I downloaded; several episodes of a Science Fiction program called X Minus One, which it says are derived from Sci Fi writers like Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Robert A. Heinlein, Frederik Pohl and Theodore Sturgeon, and also a music program about African music.

Then I noticed my error, so I tried the search again with the space between the words. A completely different set of programs came up, but they didn't sound quite as appealing to me, I think because more of them were things I'd heard of. Dragnet and so forth.

I don't know. Try it yourself.

At the least it's a bit of an insight into how computers think, or how the people who program them think. Not like we think. I think it's like this Black Matter they've been talking about. A parallel way of thinking. It's there but invisible.

Here's Pia Zadora, thinking about it.

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