Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Capitalism Versus The Climate

Capitalism has shown itself unable to deal with the periodic economic crises that are part of the cyclic nature of Capitalism. The Great Depression, for example. The government's response to the current downtown, half-hearted at first and then none, which continues with depression-like conditions for most of the populace, is blamed for the continuing stagnation in job creation (except in poor paying and part time jobs, and in the Temp industry, which if you noticed in the latest job statistics is the leading industry in job creation, as it has been for several years now) and the decline in working class living standards

 A few people on the Left are beginning to talk about the political opportunities for the Left that will become apparent as the effects of global warming set in. The most powerful tool the Left has ever had, Naomi Klein calls it in her new book "This Changes Everything." Conservatives already know this, which is why climate change denial is being pushed so hard by major conservative think tanks and media.

Jim Baca in his Only In New Mexico blog today points out the relationship between free market fundamentalism with its mania for cutting government spending and the Ebola outbreak. The Ebola scare is being overblown, as he points out. But the fact remains that free market fundamentalism is useless, helpless, in the face of something like a pandemic, and has done and can do and is doing nothing to generate the kind of radical changes that will be necessary at this late date to avert a global climate change induced disaster.

Like the other crises it caused, Capitalism only caused the climate change disaster. It can't and won't solve it.

More to come on this.

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