Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Democrats Come Out In Favor Of It

In an act of desperation, New Mexico's Democrats are appealing to the party's Liberal base to come out and vote in November. Senator Tom Udall is running around in jeans pretending to be in favor of appealing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision that legalizes bribery. Michelle Grisham, meanwhile, sent me an email today urging me to attend a rally featuring Udall and Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, is a favorite of progressive Democrats because she wants to re-regulate finance capital and banks and wants to tax Wall Street transactions and use the money to forgive student loan debts. Grisham and Udall favor none of these things, evidenced by the fact that they have never uttered a word about them and are not campaigning on them, so Grisham in her email was careful not mention any of them and referred to Warren with the innocuous-sounding label "consumer advocate" which will not upset any of her big donors

Campaign disclosure forms show Udall's net worth to be $2.66 million and that in the less than two years she has been in office Grisham has doubled her net worth and is rapidly approaching millionaire status.

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