Monday, October 20, 2014

Ebola And The End Of Life On Earth

Major news organizations are now referring to the Ebola scare as the "Ebola Crisis".

There's some speculation going around about why, in a nation of 330 million where one person has died and two are infected with a very rare albeit very dangerous disease, it's being talked about as a crisis and talked about so much.

The obvious reason is that it's good for ratings. It's Capitalism. When you dissect that, however, and lump this story in with some of the other frivolous things the media has herd-reported on like the latest missing white women stories or supposed rampaging dark skinned people stories, the ill effects this kind of reporting has on society come to the surface.

On the Stephanie Miller radio program this morning they were lumping the Ebola story in with what has become standard coverage for big stories by the American media, which is to immediately couch everything in terms of how it demonstrates the failed Obama presidency or his lack of leadership, as in stories like Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. In essence, the Stephanie Miller Show hosts were saying, the conservative media reflexively adopts a Republican talking points line on every story.

Left out of what have now been thousands of  Ebola stories are the effects 30 years of Reaganomics have had on business practices -- like at the private hospital in Dallas where the single Ebola death occurred and by the private company it contracts out its emergency room services to -- and the effects emasculating government has had on the general welfare, as Only In New Mexico blogger Jim Baca has pointed out.

Polls have found that Americans know virtually nothing about Ebola. They are being thrown into a panic by a media that also knows little about it, and knows little about or doesn't care about the ethics of Journalism.

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