Monday, October 27, 2014

Gary King To Working New Mexicans: You'll Settle For What I Tell You To Settle For

Yet another New Mexico Democrat has demonstrated his disdain for working New Mexicans by letting them know he won't risk a thing so they can have a better life. This time it's Gary King, Democratic candidate for governor, who is letting it be known he has nothing to do with unions.

Unions, as you'll recall, which in the post World War II decades bid up the price of labor in this country so as to give Americans the highest standard of living of any working class in history, and made us the envy of the world, have been under attack since Ronald Reagan was elected president, and following the example of Margaret Thatcher, who had declared war on Britain's strongest union the Mine Workers, and broke them, one of Reagan's first acts as president was to declare war on striking air traffic controllers. He broke them, too, signaling that open war on unions was underway and that government had taken the side of business in class struggle.

As a result, union membership is less than one-third what it was when Reagan took office, and Americans' living standards have declined in direct proportion.

Conservatism during this time has issued a steady stream of union-demonizing propaganda -- while Democrats stood mute. And just as no New Mexico Democrat ever utters the word "union" in public, Gary King is putting out literature that describes one of the most famous union  leaders in the world, the co-founder of the United Farmworkers Union, Dolores Huerta, whose very name -- like that of the UFW's other co-founder Cesar Chavez -- is synonymous with the United Farmworkers and unions and class struggle, as a "human rights activist."

No mention of the UFW. The word "union" does not appear. A human rights activist, indeed.

Only recently Michelle Grisham, the 1st District US congresswoman, described Senator Elizabeth Warren, the only prominent Democrat to call out the political elite for pandering to corporations and the wealthy and for bailing out the banks and Wall Street while letting underwater homeowners rot in foreclosure hell, as a "consumer advocate."

What Grisham and King are doing -- calling Huerta a "human rights activist" and Warren a "consumer advocate," is like saying Hitler was a political leader. It's like describing Hank Aaron as some guy who played sports.

There's no mistaking the intent of New Mexico Democrats. They're not doing this in the hope of getting a few Republicans to vote for them. They'd get many more votes if they ran as Democrats and as people who actually represent the economic interests of the vast majority of New Mexicans, which they do not.

This is being done to let corporations and the wealthy, where they get the vast majority of their campaign money, by the way, that they are solidly on their side. This is a wink and nod to the ruling class that Democrats are on board with Reaganomics, and they will round up the social liberals, and the pathetic union leaders who trot out their endorsements for Democrats, and keep them in line for them.

Grisham, King, Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan, all of them are a disgrace. None of them ever do a thing to counter Conservatism, either in what they say or in what they do or in what votes they take. Grisham, Heinrich and Lujan all have voted to cut Social Security, Medicare, Head Start, veteran's benefits and federal employee retirement benefits.

That's what they stand for. Publicly, none of them stand for anything. All they ever do is mouth meaningless bile, such as that they are fighting hard to save the middle class, while doing exactly the opposite.

When Democrats behave like that and use the kind of language they use nowadays, when they bring in outsiders -- who Leftist and Progressive New Mexican know very well -- for the simple reason of pandering to their base, while letting it be known with language like Grisham and King and all the rest of them use that they are not with these Liberal and left-leaning outsiders, they don't support what they do, that they are solidly on the side of corporations and the wealthy, then there is no reason whatsoever to vote for any of them, and I will not.

Note: To give you an idea of who Dolores Huerta is and what she is known for here is a screen shot of the first few lines of a simple internet search for "Dolores Huerta."

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