Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Long Live The Blockade

The United Nations General Assembly today voted 188-2 to condemn the US blockade of Cuba, with only the US and Israel voting no. This is the 23rd year in a row the UN has voted against the 54-year-old commercial, economic and financial blockade of the Socialist nation that sits off the coast of Florida.

Since the General Assembly yields no power not granted it by the UN Security Council the vote is symbolic, but it's worth noting that Palestine was cut in half and the state of Israel was formed only on the strength of a General Assembly vote. The Security Council never took up the theft of half of Palestine, and Israel is lawless from start to finish, from the massacres Zionist militia committed in 1948 to clear Palestinians off their land to this summer's massacre in Gaza.

Many commentators attribute the blockade of Cuba, which has always had and still has very harmful effects on the health and well being of ordinary Cubans, to Florida and presidential politics, that it's needed to secure the vote of the large community of Miami Cubans who are descended from Cubans who left the island.

At one time it was possible to argue that, but younger Cubam Americans, especially those with no family ties to the rich brothel owners and casino owners who the Castro brothers kicked out of Cuba when they took over, don't care about and don't vote on the basis of US-Cuba policy.

The blockade is to appease American Capitalists and old Cold Warriors who can't stand the fact that a Socialist country exists, and has existed for as long as it has, under their very noses. It's about the example Cuba sets, the one Capital fears most, that a group of people who are trying to find another way of living besides the dog eat dog, bell curve, incestuous way called Capitalism, where despite commonly held mythology the economic class you're born into is the one you'll die in, are proving that it can be done.

Viva Cuba.


  1. No doubt. It's time is long past. A fresh direction is needed.....

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    1. Oh no! I've been called out on my Google translator Spanish.

      Venceremos isn't included in it, and I had not heard that word, either, but it shows up in Google search and there's a Wikipedia article about it. Thanks for that!