Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lunch Time!

As thanks for performing the public service of letting the people of New Mexico know what their elected governor and her staff were doing, Jaime Estrada has been sentenced to nine months in prison, according to today's Albuquerque Journal.

Estrada admitted to stealing emails, which were released to the public around the time Governor Susana Martinez' administration was being investigated by the FBI. The Martinez administration was being charged in media outlets with rigging the awarding of a multimillion dollar race track and casino contract and thuggishly intimidating wittnesses.

The account of Estrada's sentencing in the Journal, which has yet to publish anything negative about the governor, doesn't mention the scandal or provide any context for the email thefts.

Martinez herself appeared at the sentencing to urge the judge to sentence Estrada to the maximum term allowed, the Journal reported, saying her personal life had been "invaded."

“I don’t know how many emails are out there," the Journal quotes Martinez as telling the judge. "I truly believe this will never end.”

To assist Martinez in determining how many email are out there, the above is a screen shot from when the emails were published that shows part of several of the emails. One is from a company called Spanx that specializes in underwear meant to make women look thinner. On their web site it's called "shapewear" and includes such items as "mid-thigh shapers."

Another email is from Jockey, also a company that makes underwear intended to make it look like you haven't been chowing down every spare minute.

I hope this helps, governor!

The Journal article didn't indicate whether the reporter who wrote it asked Martinez if she thought she was being vindictive in making time in her schedule to go down to Albuquerque and sit through a sentencing hearing so she could call for Estrada to be sentenced to a long prison term, or whether the Journal reporter asked Martinez whether she had better things to do like try to improve on her performance in creating jobs in the state, which is among the poorest in the nation.

Martinez, a former Democrat, switched to Republican Party after some Republicans bought her lunch. Early in her administration her driver was pulled over for speeding on an Albuquerque frontage road while he was taking the governor to lunch.

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