Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Mexico Democrats Hope To Turn Out Their Base By Bringing In Politicians Their Base Doesn't Hate

Last week it was Elizabeth Warren. This week it's Joaquin Castro.

Udall dons cowboy hat, Grisham and Lujan fold their arms
New Mexico progressives have no reason to vote for any Democrat up for re-election on the national ticket, Tom Udall in the senate or Michelle Grisham and Ben Lujan in the house, so Udall, Grisham and Lujan have resorted to bringing in popular politicians New Mexicans would vote for if they had the chance; last week it was classic Northeast Liberal Elizabeth Warren and this week it's nationally known Mexican-American politician and US Rep. Joaquin Castro from San Antonio, TX.

Warren, a freshman senator from Massachusetts, is popular with progressives for calling openly for re-regulating banking and finance capital (Wall Street), an idea Democrats like President Obama, Udall, Grisham and Lujan abhor because it would slow the river of campaign money they receive from those industries. Warren has openly criticized the Obama Administration for bailing out big banks while doing nothing to help the millions of working class homeowners who lost their homes during the recession, and also has called for taxing Wall Street transactions and using the money to subsidize public higher education.

Media: Elizabeth Warren drew the crowd for Udall - photo
No New Mexico Democrat favors anything like anything Warren is for, as evidenced by their never having advocated for any of it or campaigned on any of it. Udall, Grisham and Lujan all are solidly in line with the Reaganomics economics policies adopted by the national Democratic Party, as evidenced by their many votes to cut taxes on the wealthy and cut programs like Social Security, Medicare, Head Start, veteran's benefits and federal employees' retirement benefits to name but a few.

Castro, a former Texas state representative elected in 2012 to a newly created gerrymandered district that lies north and south of San Antonio, is a "Ready For Hillary" Democrat whose twin brother Julián Castro is San Antonio's mayor. The brothers are mainstream Democrats who have embraced their roles as nationally visible Latino Democrats as the party seeks to placate Latino voters and still sell them out on most matters that affect or interest them such as immigration reform or their economic well being.

Joaquin Castro is often mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate should Republicans put up a Hispanic presidential or vice presidential nominee.

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