Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Invisible Hand Of The Market

I'm seeing a few nationalist-minded media outlets promoting the fact that the Capitalist private for profit spaceship that exploded last night had Russian space rocket engines. One news outfit even kept alternating back and forth between exploding Russian powered spaceships and non exploding American powered spaceships. So, these patriot news gatherers are saying, it wasn't American exceptionalism that failed but Russian inferiority.

At least one report does acknowledge that the Russian engines are leftovers from the 1970s, which the Capitalist for profit private Orbital Science company had scarfed up at bargain basement prices.

In other words, if you privatize it, the cheapskates will come. Safety will suffer.

It has to. It's necessary for safety to suffer, when profit is the driving force. The stockholders demand it. The invisible hand of the marker ensures it.

The media isn't saying any of this, so the hand of the market remains invisible. People aren't made aware of what profit and greed had to do with the rocket ship explosion.

This is all about Reaganomics. Even government oversight suffers when Reaganomics is the driving force and Democrats and Republicans compete to see who can slash the most from government budgets. Ask someone who's had a family member die from eating tainted meat.

The privatization of electoral politics is even putting democracy in jeopardy, as Jim Baca points out in his Only In New Mexico blog today.

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