Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The State Of Voting Rights In The US From The UK

The Guardian has an article comparing access to voting in the various US states with a different kind of interactive map. At the bottom of the article are links to related articles they've done about voting in the US.

You won't see this kind of coverage in the US media, with its conservative bias. It ducks responsibility for telling the truth by taking the "he said she said" stance, putting misinformation and information on the same footing.

Which is it? The media's job is to find out and tell us.

I read the article on my iPhone. I've tried various news aggregator "apps" and haven't come across one I truly liked. This one is called News Free. It's not bad. At least it doesn't crash a lot.

I'm getting loaded on Chappell Street, or Chappel Street, depending on which street sign you refer to, and enjoying a pleasant Autumn evening in Albuquerque.

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