Saturday, October 25, 2014

US Germ Warfare Lab In Sierra Leone Probable Source Of Ebola Outbreak

International law professor Francis Boyle, author of the book Biowarfare and Terrorism and the man who drafted the 1989 US Biological Weapons and Anti-Terrorism Act passed unanimously by congress, thinks the current, especially virulent strain of Ebola causing panic in the media came from a US germ warfare lab near the viruses' center in West Africa.

The current virus is centered in the West African countries of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, but the most common Ebola virus comes from an area 2,200 miles away in eastern Africa, Boyle tells Dave Lindorff, and is currently dormant, so media speculation that the virus came to life and jumped across the continent, carried by fruit bats, doesn't hold water.

The US also happens to have germ warfare labs in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. The current outbreak probably came from the one in Kenema, Sierra Leone, which has led the government of that country to shut down the lab, Boyle says.

An Oct. 15 article in Huffington Post, The Two Ebola Outbreaks In Africa Have Different Sources, perhaps unintentionally supports Boyle's claim. 

The US government at its covert germ warfare labs, which are often placed in countries that aren't signatories to the Biological Weapons Geneva Convention banning germ warfare, is using gene modification and gene splicing techniques that make viruses much more difficult to combat, Boyle says.

Read Lindorff's piece here. Lindorff is a member of the journalism collective This Can't Be Happening,  which consists of seasoned Philadelphia area reporters Lindorff, John Grant, Linn Washington and Charles M. Young and which, by the way, is the only media outlet to have been labeled a threat to national security by the Department of Homeland Security.

US Army's Germ Warfare Headquarters at Fort Derick, Maryland

Note: Government and media accounts of US biological warfare labs portray our government's germ warfare research as being done solely to defend us against biological attacks from others, and it's probably more reassuring to most people to believe that.

Just as it's more reassuring to believe that the now-continuous imperial wars the US wages around the globe, the flaming Middle East, the coup in Ukraine, the ongoing undercover operations against Socialist and Left leaning governments in Latin America, the ongoing encirclement of Russia with missile batteries by way of the ongoing expansion of NATO into eastern European countries, the encirclement of China, which has no military to speak of, by the armies and navies of the US that's euphemistically referred to as Obama's "Pivot to the East," are all defensive measures, too.

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