Saturday, November 29, 2014

3:42 a.m.


I copied this picture from the internet of the governor with a plate of food and a happy expression on her face. I have no comment on it. The governor is looking down at the plate of food and smiling, but to say that the governor appears to be hurrying to her table is probably going too far and I'm not saying that.

For those unfamiliar with New Mexico's governor, she is a former Democrat who switched to the Republican Party after some Republicans bought her lunch, as she often tells the story. The governor hasn't disputed media accounts that soon after being elected her driver was pulled over for speeding while taking the governor to lunch.

Among the leaked emails surrounding a corruption case in which her administration was being investigated by the FBI in relation to the granting of a lucrative casino-racetrack contract were emails sent by the governor to two different clothiers that make undergarments designed to conceal the effects of eating too much, emails that could have just as well been forgotten about and not continually mentioned on the internet.

I've been getting a lot accomplished so far this weekend.

That's based on a photo by Joseph Sorrentino of farmworkers in a New Mexico chili field.

This is based on one of the more commonly reproduced images of Karl Mark and Friederich Engels.

Over the past couple weekends I've also been playing around with the header image at the top of the page, basically cleaning it up, simplifying the coloring a little bit. It's based on a photo I took through the windshield on I-40 just west of Albuquerque.

I do things on a trial and error basis, which is why I like the computer image editing programs. They make it easy to try different things and see how it looks. It doesn't make it look better you can just undo it.

I actually tried painting once, with watercolors, when my ex got a watercolor set and was trying it out. She seemed to have some potential and for awhile was enthused about it.

I tried it once when she wasn't home. It was painstaking but I gave myself the impression that I might be able to do it, after a fashion at least, and it's something I'd like to try when I retire.


  1. Forget about her eating habits. Can she see Russia from her front porch? If Katie Couric asked her if she read a book what would happen etc.....:)

    1. Indeed! Thanks for a good laugh, TB and thanks for the comment. I'll try to be less catty or least base it on something more substantial than the governor's thighs.