Monday, November 24, 2014

Encryptian Is Coming

We can't look to government, including the courts, to protect us from NSA spying, writes Glenn Greenwald, but he says change is coming, and it's emanating from us. The recently defeated NSA reform bill was no reform at all, he writes, in an article I highly recommend and can only think of as inspiring.

I don't often use the phrase "must read." If it's that important I try to summarize what's so important, so hopefully at least someone else will be made aware of it. In this case I just don't have the time. Greenwald covers a lot of ground, in explaining what the government has been doing to prevent reform, why we can only expect more complicity with NSA spying by big companies like Google and Facebook, and in laying out how things are happening that those power centers have no control over.

What's so inspiring to me is that he affirms what I've repeated about no significant change having ever come through the ballot box, which in more ways than not is a device meant to prevent change. It's us. Change comes only from us and by us, marching, rioting, boycotting, finding other ways to get what we need. However it manifests itself, it's the power of us acting in concert. Whether we're organized or acting individually, as long as we do it in numbers, we win.

Update: 11/24/14 6:45 p.m. While waiting for the announcement of what the Missouri Grand Jury decided about charges against a white Ferguson, MO police officer who gunned down unarmed Black teen Michael Brown, this was posted to Twitter:

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