Saturday, November 15, 2014

Everything Sucks On This End

I should know not to brag on the blog.

The minute I even mentioned lower fuel prices were saving me some money they skyrocketed. In a blog post last weekend I mentioned lower fuel prices, even put up a picture showing pump prices then and now, and in the next two days almost the whole last 18 weeks of decline evaporated. I'm looking at fuel receipts: Sunday night, still at the low point, $3.59 per gallon. Monday night $3.65. Tuesday night $3.69. By Wednesday I was afraid to start the truck up.

That's reservation prices, too. I'd mentioned that even the big chains, which for months had somehow managed to resist lowering their prices, had finally come down. Pilot, TA and Loves had inched down into the $3.70s. They jacked theirs up even more. I saw $4.01 credit price as I drove by a truck stop in Milan. Every time I approach a truck stop now I start shuddering.

Then on Wednesday when the European space ship landed on the comet I bragged about streaming two live broadcasts at once on my Century Link. Sure enough, I came home the next morning and Century Link was dead. No signal at all.

Sure, it was back on when I woke up that afternoon, but I'm not fooled. I know what's going on.

So that's it. You won't hear any more good news from here.

If there ever is any, which I seriously doubt.

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