Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gary King Gives The Middle Fingher To His Base: Update

Just to belabor a point, a couple posts ago I commented on how in one of the vilest, most cynical pandering efforts to date New Mexico's Democratic Party candidate for governor Gary King brought United Farmworkers Union co-founder and world renown union organizer Dolores Huerta to the state to campaign for him, but never mentioned her union background and referred to her as "civil rights activist," letting it be known that he was only bringing her here to get people who knew Huerta to vote for him and has no intention of supporting unions or peoples right to organize.

I got an email from King today in which he played up Huerta's visit and found new ways to do the same thing. Read it for yourself:

Miscellaneous Remarks

Rebellious High School students

Americans in general are pretty much not protesting the Neoliberal/Reaganomics assault by the ruling class on their wages and living standards, the steady erosion of their civil liberties under the guise of "national security" by their government, and endless imperial wars waged by their government on behalf of the ruling class in which they fight and die in while the ruling class sits home and counts their profits, but in a growing number of places High School students are protesting various issues that affect them.

High School students are protesting with walkouts and picket lines in Jefferson County, Colorado against a school board's efforts to gut their history curriculum and replace it with nationalistic indoctrination,  at Garfield High School in Seattle, WA, against budget cuts, and in Philadelphia, PA against the state's attack on the teacher's union, to name a few. They might be the next political force for change in this country.

Internet Freedom

The potential for uprising by High School students has a lot to do with them being unplugged from society at large and its desensitizing system of mass media propaganda, in which case the ongoing efforts by corporate media to clamp down on internet freedom and further privatize the internet will become more important. On this critical issue, as it is with most issues affecting the economic interests of its constituency, the New Mexico federal legislative delegation has said and done nothing, save one email Senator Martin Heinrich sent out back in April expressing concern about proposed new FCC rules that would endanger net neutrality. Interestingly though, Heinrich didn't call for voters to take any type of action or direct them to any of the advocacy groups who have been battling on this issue and that are almost entirely responsible for forestalling several attacks on net neutrality to date, such as Fight For The Future, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation, but directed them to email him. This is a reminder than when all you do is vote, all you're doing is turning your power over to a politician.

One Party With Two Heads

That's what Ralph Nader, then the Green Party presidential candidate, called Democrats and Republicans in 2000 and Democrats' and Republicans'  economic policies have merged even more since he said that. Some people suggest low voter turnout as evidence that Americans understand this, but why hasn't a viable third party or some other mode of expression for the will of the masses ever emerged in the United States, as it has in many other countries? For one thing, as Lance Selfa explains in this excerpt from his history of the Democratic party, the two parties working together have made it next to impossible for anyone else to get on the ballot in most places, but it probably has more to do with the skill the Democratic Party has shown historically in co-opting alternative movements, including the Labor Movement, labor parties and the once vibrant (yes, I'm not kidding) US Socialist Party.

Police State

As civil libertarians and civil rights lawyers warned when it was passed during post-9/11 hysteria, police are now using the Patriot Act in everyday policing, including a provision that lets them break down doors to execute warrants without announcing their arrival. The vast majority of warrants issued under this provision of the Patriot Act are now issued for drug cases, not terrorist cases. A warrant, remember, means that a judge has been convinced there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity, based on hearing one side of a story, that of the police. There has been no trial yet, no cross examination, and no one has raised any questions of police misconduct.

Pertinent Quote

"Remarks are not literature"
                     Gertrude Stein

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