Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Israeli War Crimes In Gaza

Amnesty International has issued a report on this summer's massacre in Gaza. I haven't read it yet but already see articles emerging in major new outlets trying to minimize it, by, for instance, suggesting that there was some kind of parity, by, for one, referring to the massacre as a "war" between Israel and Hamas and not the culmination of a summer of carnage by Israel that started earlier in the West Bank, or as just the latest of Israel's massacres in Gaza that occur roughly every two years, or as just another episode in the effort by Zionism to clear Palestinians of the tiny bit of land that hasn't been stolen from them since 1948.

The timing of the report's release, election day in the US, was probably to minimize its impact. Israel would have known it was coming and through its powerful lobby in the US pressured Amnesty to time the release as it did. The rank and file Amnesty people who worked hard to produce the report were no doubt disappointed but had no say in when it was released.

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