Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cuba Policy Change "A Momentous Occasion"

"It shows respect for the Cuban people by acting on the premise that Cubans themselves know what is in their best interest."

Louis A Perez Jr,  J. Carlyle Sitterson professor of history and the director of the Institute for the Study of the Americas at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, has a nice take on the Cuba-US diplomatic opening published at the CNN web site. Not only is it an admission that US policy toward Cuba since 1960 of trying to starve the people of Cuba into overthrowing their leaders is a failure, Perez writes, not only is it an admission that Cubans have the right to try Socialism if they want to, it might signal a reversal of the long held US belief that it has a right to dictate to Latin America.

"To speak to Cuba is to speak to Latin America," Perez writes.

Hopefully. The US is still actively trying to overthrow the Socialist government of Venezuela, having spent more than $100 million over the past 12 years in USAID funding alone on building opposition groups representing Venezuela's old oligarchy who desperately want a return to the old US plantation Capitalism days, as well as CIA and other covert funding.


  1. Better late than never? Not looking forward to the GOP follies on this one next year..:(

  2. Indeed.It took 24 hours for Boehner to come out against it. Enough time to do some overnight polling, I thought, but then with their constituency, is there anything Obama could possibly do that it wouldn't be safe for them to come out against? If he abolished the minimum wage they'd be agin it. It he re-instituted slavery they'd complain that he didn't make Black people repay the landowners for all that work they haven't been doing the last 150 years.

    1. It was about time the re establishing of relations with Cuba happened, way over due. I have a feeling that the Republicans will not be happy campers these next two years.

      I like the last sentence in your comment above, it is funny, tragic and probably what would happen.

      Personally I did not think that the Republican's policy of obstruction towards every thing Obama would ever work, it did. I thought the American people would see the folly of the policy, they didn't, I thought Republicans were over the subtle and not so subtle racism, they are not.

      It is very tough to gauge the mindset in American politics. Especially anti Obama sentiments and how the Republicans have manipulated all of the fears some/most have that are associated with blacks in political life.

      Even though we did not live through it, we, as a country, still seem to have a "Reconstruction" mentality as related to politics.

  3. Thanks, New Mexican. And thanks for the comment, with which I agree entirely.

    You know, it's hard to believe but maybe a year ago they were talking on the Stephanie Miller show one morning not only about the Democrats keeping control of the Senate but that there was a good chance of them retaking the House.