Monday, December 29, 2014

Four More Years

Somehow I passed the eye test again and got my driver's license renewed without restriction. The new one came in the mail yesterday.

The eye test always worries me as the date approaches. Actually I start worrying about the next license as soon as I get the last one. In fact this time I got it renewed early in case they sent me away with directions to the nearest Lenscrafter. I have one eye that's pretty good but one that's 20/40, which is at the limit. I don't like having to wear glasses, or seat belts, or come to a complete stop. The great and enlightened state of New Mexico thankfully issues licenses for four years.

Underneath the licenses, by the way, is the registration renewal for my Freightliner, just to give you an idea. I gladly pay these fees and multiple kinds of taxes knowing I'm helping preserve the good union jobs of people who won't answer their phone when I call.


  1. Trying to get to someone in a New Mexico state office since Susana took office is almost impossible. The last two years (March 2013 and again March 2014) I have called the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department numerous times on numerous different dates at their different locations around the state and zip, zero, nada, nein, nothing. Just couldn't get to them, finally I hit the jackpot at their office in Roswell.... Both times the Roswell office was the only one that answered the phone.

    This from a state agency that collects money....... The tax and Revenue Department.

    I visited at length with the manager at their Roswell office and thanked him and his office but complained about the agency. I will call them again in March after I fix my taxes.... Wish me luck.