Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The State Vs Us

"...the monopoly on the legitimate use of violence is what defines modern government, and this monopoly is jealously protected against the second-guessing of puny civilians."

Another day, another killer cop gets off scott free. Not only gets off, but the killing of unarmed citizens is again given official sanction by our government's legal system. The reason being that it's all perfectly legal.

As Chase Madar points out writing in The Nation, cops have wide discretion under the law to pull out their guns and start blasting away at anyone who's in sight. It's embedded in our system that the main function of the police is to control the masses and the private property of the ruling class with lethal violence if the police feel like it. Madar says a big picture approach is needed to solve this crises, which as I've pointed out has grown to be alarming and dangerous.

The militarization of the police, by the way, is just fine with New Mexico's federal delegation. A bill introduced this summer by Florida's progressive Rep Allan Grayson to stop the giveaways by the federal government of excess military equipment to local police departments was opposed by Reps Ben Lujan and Steve Pearce. Michelle Grisham didn't vote on it.

The bill didn't make it to the senate, but NM senators Tom Udall and Martin Heinrich are apparently OK with turning police departments into heavily armed civilian control armies, and with the epidemic of police gunning down unarmed Americans, as evidenced by their continued silence on the issue.

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