Wednesday, December 10, 2014


It's easy to say our government is sick, but what does that say about us?

Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake. The list is long of people Obama has locked up for whistleblowing. He's prosecuted twice as many people under the Espionage Act for it as all other administrations in history combined. Where are the Democrats. NPR this morning could not bring themselves to say "torture" instead referring to it as enhanced interrogation. Same with the Washington Post yesterday. Where is the media?

A comment on my previous post alluded to the fact that fundamentalist Christians vote, implying that people who should vote don't.

It reminded me of when the South was solidly an apartheid region. Today Republicans have the South locked up with gerrymandering. Before, the solid South was defeated, at the federal level. But first there were people in the streets, then the media showing people being attacked by dogs and with water hoses, then the public reacting and finally government, politicians, Democrat and Republican, and the courts, reacting to the public sentiment.

Tonight there are people in the streets again, even, in Berkeley, California, high school students.

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