Tuesday, December 2, 2014

US Department of Justice Will Examine Ferguson Case

Darren Wilson, the white Ferguson, MO cop who killed unarmed Black youth Michael Brown, isn't home free yet. The federal government, as it sometimes does when local judicial systems cover up crimes, will open a civil rights investigation into the case.

Heading the investigation will be Vanita Gupta, the newly appointed head of the Department of Justice's civil rights division, who New Mexicans already know and who is profiled today by Yahoo News. She had only come to the DOJ from the ACLU days before the DOJ's consent decree was signed with the city of Albuquerque over excessive use of deadly force in the police department. She came to Albuquerque to hold the press conference announcing the signing and perhaps to let the city know she'll be making sure they follow the terms of the decree.

Gupta is well known for, while at the ACLU, her part in exposing a corrupt Tulia, TX police department that had busted a third of the city's Black residents on trumped up drug charges. As the Yahoo profiles details she has also authored an important study on the militarization of police departments.

The proceedings of the Missouri grand jury have come under widespread criticism by legal experts who say it was seriously flawed and designed to let Darren Wilson get away with murder. The prosecutor in the case, Bob McCulloch, has a history of prosecutorial misconduct.

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