Tuesday, December 2, 2014

You Live In A Police State

Albuquerque Journal 12/2/14

This is the Albuquerque Police Department, outfitted for war. Real soldiers sent out to spend months on the front lines aren't equipped this well.

This doesn't help catch bad guys. For that they have helicopters and millions in detection equipment and dogs and even robots now. These people are dressed up this way is for one reason. To send a message to the citizenry: If you get out of line we will wage war on you. We will attack you. We will assault you. We will kill you.

These aren't cops. These are soldiers in the US domestic military.

This, in case you've forgotten, is a cop.

This is someone whose job it is to serve and protect, to keep order, not to keep everyone in line with military force. This isn't someone who's equipped to carry out mass slaughter.

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