Saturday, January 31, 2015

Death By Police

Police should not be allowed to carry guns. They can't handle them responsibly. They prove it every day. A steady stream of reports of killings by police comes in over the internet now. Murders, most of them.

Here's a video of a cop in New Rochelle, NY, who pulled his gun on some kids who were having a snowball fight. "Don't fucking move," he keeps repeating. To kids.

Thankfully no one was killed, which happens more and more.

Another case that came in this weekend. A 17-year-old girl with known psychological problems was blown away by three cops in the lobby of the Longview, Texas, police station.

Be careful around the police. Be lucky, I should say. More and more of the police killings are of people who have their hands in the air. If it's not already, it won't be long before the leading cause of death in this country is the police.

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