Saturday, January 31, 2015

FDR's Birthday

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945)

I bet a good half of Americans know nothing about Franklin D Roosevelt, and that includes Democratic elected officials, especially those in New Mexico who sure as hell know who Ronald Reagan was but have not uttered a peep about the anniversary of Franklin Roosevelt's birth.

Roosevelt and the broad swath of New Deal policies he implemented not only brought the United States out of the Great Depression but brought unheard of prosperity to the American working class, whose unionized forces obtained the buying power that made the US into the number one superpower in the world.

Sadly, Democrats have turned their backs on Roosevelt and what he stood for. We now have the disgusting prospect of Democrats, including all of New Mexico's Democrats, voting to cut New Deal programs like Social Security, Medicare and Head Start, and in many other ways assisting in the dismantling of the great nation Roosevelt created. Democrats continually vote for tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations, which, coupled with the diminishing buying power of the working class, leaves governments unable to keep the country's industrial infrastructure intact.

A large part of the New Deal, and the primary reason for America's prosperity following the New Deal's implementation, was that it strengthened unions, which had the result of raising wages and living standards for all workers, as employers, in order to compete for workers, had to offer pay and benefits comparable to union pay and benefits.

New Mexico Democrats refuse to even utter the word union in public.  The do sometimes meet with pathetic union leaders in low key unpublicized forums who are so flattered by the attention that they throw their support behind the candidate, while being unaware that the Democrat they now gush about is helping undermine unions and American workers' living standards. How pathetic. How disgusting.

Happy Birthday, FDR.

Note: Here's what New Mexico's elected Democrats were talking about on their official web sites and Facebook pages the past few days while Roosevelt's birthday came and went without them mentioning it at all. How much more disrespectful can they be?

Martin Heinrich: Climate change poll, tar sands, a photograph of Ronald Reagan, heralding cutting the deficit (which is taken out of the hides of working people, by the way, as the rich have their taxes cut at the same time!) Heinrich also brags about supporting overtime pay protection. This is a tactic Democrats have adapted since losing control of congress. Now that things like this have no chance of passing, they are all for them, yet they weren't promoting them before.

January 28 post on Martin Heinrich's Facebook page
Heinrich's post was about Grace Hopper, who deciphered codes. He had to pass by many pictures of Grace Hopper posted on the internet, that show her more favorably, to get to the one that includes Ronald Reagan that he posted. This, below, is the first one that shows up in a web search, followed by many, many pictures of Hopper that don't include Reagan:

Tom Udall: Congratulating a retiring fire chief, tar sands, Keystone XL pipeline, self promotion about funding the Department of Homeland Security, the superagency created after 9-11 and given super draconian powers to spy on Americans and seal our borders - no word about that from the senator.

Ben Lujan: drug use prevention program, Sun Zia transmission project. On his official web site Lujan leads with his support for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, a meager works program that was passed six years ago.

Michelle Grisham: supports a program that privatizes academic research at a New Mexico public university, talks about food stamps but doesn't propose doing anything to prevent them from being cut further. Promises to be "relentless" in talking about food stamps while doing nothing about it.


  1. I do not know why, but Senator Heinrich does not excite me, not at all. He seems to be a senator from the east, not someone who is in tune to New Mexicans. He is a Democrat and as such I voted for him and will support him against Republicans and Independents, but not against another Democrat id that other guy has an agenda that matches mine.

    I like Udall..... But Heinrich not so much.

    And he is a bit left of center on a continuum that is very long. We have a bunch of extremely right wing republicans in New Mexico politics and it make some, like Heinrich to be liberal..... We need another Bronson Cutting, another Dennis Chavez. Heinrich will be a senator who can raise tons of cash, but my guess he will not raise it here in New Mexico, I just do not see him connecting with the folks. At least no one other than Jim Baca.

    1. Thanks NM. I agree with you, especially about Cutter and Chavez. Cutter was instrumental in writing some of the banking reforms later eliminated by Clinton that led to the massive gambling with our money by banks and the meltdown of 2007-08. And especially Chavez, who introduced some of the New Deal legislation now being gutted, and who voted for the Social Security program Heinrich and the rest of them are determined to slash if not eliminate.

      Please remember that Heinrich seems to the left of center only because the center has moved so far to the right. A few years ago people like him were Republicans with liberal positions on gay marriage and abortion. He's for the environment, yes, but that's easy. Richard Nixon was, too, and signed legislation creating the EPA.