Thursday, January 8, 2015


Elizabeth Warren is getting some press for a speech she gave before a union crowd yesterday in which she called out fellow Democrats for pursuing Reaganomics economic policies and said the "middle class" is in "deep trouble."

Warren in her speech and in other forums has been saying, directly and indirectly, what a few on the Left have been saying all along, that Reaganomics has become our current economic policy and that it's not because Democrats have been outmaneuvered but because they've gone along with it.

Warren, a Democratic senator from Massachusetts, is the darling of "progressives," a word that's only in use because Democrats let Ronald Reagan demonize the word "liberal." She points out that incomes for working Americans haven't risen since Reagan came into office, while the rich have gorged on the wealth our labor has created since then. Accounts of the speech I've read didn't go into the reasons for that, which are primarily the ongoing war on unions by government and business, which has suppressed wages, and all but eliminating taxes on the wealthy and transferring all the costs they used to cover to workers through higher taxes and by privatizing many of the things governments used to do.

As an analysis of the speech in The Nation makes clear, so-called "moderate" (i.e. conservative) Democrats (which includes the president and all of New Mexico's senators and representatives) are pushing ahead full speed with policies designed to further ream America's workers. Not only should we not be voting for these people, we should be publicly naming what they are doing to us.

The Nation rather hopefully casts Warren's speech as a preview of a battle between "progressive" and "moderate" (conservative) Democrats and a preview of the upcoming 2016 presidential primary campaign. Don't count on it, with all the corporate and media weight behind conservative Democrats especially Hillary  Clinton, and in the absence of American workers doing anything to support the few liberals still standing, like Warren, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison and a very few others.

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