Monday, January 12, 2015

Hypocricy On Parade

Someone posted this with the caption World leaders not really "at" the Paris rallies. There's no attribution or anything but it reminds me of the massive display of hypocrisy we've witnessed in the past few days. Massive. A staggeringly massive display of hypocrisy. How many adjectives can I think of. They wouldn't be enough.

So called "leaders" and pundits who care less about freedoms of press and expression and never mention it -- never -- are now suddenly telling us that a little group of bigots in France are our free press heroes. These people who fought and fought to prevent the release of information about their governments, especially in the US where many press people agree with the government's right to keep secrets and have let whistleblowers rot in jail and have never said a thing, always forget to mention that in France it's a felony to talk about the holocaust in the wrong way. They forget to mention that whenever anyone else wants to express themselves they are arrested or castigated.

Using Islamaphobia to boost yourself in the polls is the flavor of the week, and that's what this little magazine in France is, Islamaphobia, making money off French Islamphobia and since this event, worldwide Islamamhobia.

France has instituted a series of anti Muslim laws in the past few years. Women and even little girls, for example, are forced to remove their religious head gear in public, for no end except to humiliate them, and France's Muslims, who are almost all refugees and their descendants from France's brutal, inhumane occupation of Algeria -- as were the killers in this rampage -- are treated like dogs in France. Nobody will hire them so they have to live in deplorable public housing miles from the city center, that the government doesn't maintain, where their chances of finding a job or food they can afford are even more remote. We saw the other day the spectacle of France's Socialist president inviting the head of the fascist National Front party, Marie LePen, to the presidential palace so they could talk about unity. A unified bigoted front against Muslims.

No one jumps up and shouts freedom of expression when any other group is the object of base bigotry. All this self congratulatory chortling about a free press and the photo ops and marches in Paris are nothing but bigotry disguised as hypocrisy, and I commend President Obama for turning his back on it and passing up the chance to score cheap political points at the expense of Muslims.

Charlie I am not.

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